Florida Carry Permit Reciprocity

Reciprocal States

Florida Concealed Weapons License Reciprocal States

Once you receive your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit you will be legally allowed to conceal a weapon in the thirty seven blue States.  If you have not taken a concealed carry class with TampaCarry yet, take a look now at our online concealed carry class schedule now!
Blue States 
The blue states recognize the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit and Florida recognizes their states permit, this is called reciprocity. This does not mean that the blue states have similar laws. If fact the laws vary significantly from state to state. 

Yellow States 
The yellow states are pro gun states they simply don’t allow you to carry your firearm concealed while in their state. Your firearm has to be transported according to federal and state laws. 

Red States 
The red states are the anti American states. These are the states that have the strictest gun laws in the Nation. Personally, I would avoid the red states altogether. But if you must enter one of these states you can view each state's laws on traveling with a firearm below. Before you enter a red state you should know every firearm law available, this is a really big deal. 

It’s Up To You 
It’s your responsibility to research the laws of every state before you cross state lines. Some of the most important questions I look to find answers to when planning a road trip are: 
What places I’m I prohibited from concealed carry? 
Can I carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol when I’m not drinking? 
Any requirements when stopped by the police? 
What firearms or weapons can I lawfully posses? 
What firearms or weapons can I lawfully concealed carry? 
What are the laws on the use of deadly force? 
Do I have to obey No Guns Allowed signs at a business? 
Are hollow point bullets lawful in this state? 
Is my firearm lawful to possess in this state? 

It’s not possible to over prepare for a road trip when firearms are involved. Plan ahead or find a good attorney, the choice is yours. 

What if my final destination is a red state? 
My family and I drive to Canada every year to visit family. The drive is thirty six and their isn’t a chance in hell i'm driving across country without a gun. You're probably asking yourself “What do you do with your gun before you enter Canada?” Great question, in North Dakota I found an old oak tree and I burry my gun beside it. I’m joking but I did find a gun store in North Dakota. I drop my gun off for gunsmithing, usually just a cleaning, the gunsmith tells me “Your gun will be ready for pick up tomorrow” “Perfect, i'll see you in three weeks” I replied. Then I’m back on the road. You may want to use this strategy if your final destination is a red state, but again this only applies on a road trip.

What are the rules when flying with a firearm? 
I know what you're thinking “I can’t bring a gun on an airplane” well you're right, but it can be in your checked luggage. To learn about TSA rules and federal law read my article Jet Setting with a Gun. It's important to note that your firearm or firearms must be lawful to possess in your final destination state and if you have a layover in New York make sure you are overly prepared to handle any legal issues. From what I hear the state of New York hands out $15,000 firearm fines like my kids eat candy. Avoid the State of NY, it's in your best interests.   

Additional Resources 
Here are some additional resources that will help you complete detailed research into each state's firearms laws. 

NRA Institute of Legislative Action - This is the NRA’s legal website. They provide bullet points for each state's firearms laws. The NRA also lists pending or proposed laws, revisions and news that affects each state. 

HandgunLaw.us - This websites provides pretty good information even though the site doesn’t look very nice. 

Firearms Laws by State 

Download a List Of FL Reciprocal States

Want to keep a copy handy of all the States that are reciprocal with your Florida Concealed Carry Permit?
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